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Rare Record Planes

The old Record planes and tools have become very popular since the turn of the Millennium. On this page we are keeping a list of rare Record planes on our 'Record plane rare list', we are also keeping an eye on potential rare planes of the future as well as looking at why planes are and aren't on the list.

Record Plane Rare List

As with most antiques and collectables the rare items are those which had a short production life and generally those which were produced a long time ago. The following is a list of Record planes which we consider to be rare:

record 0100 1/2 plane

Some of the planes on the rare list are rarer than the others. The more common planes on the list in our experience are the Record 072, Record 712 and the Record CS88 (Calvert Stevens) planes.

Which Record Plane Is The Most Valuable?

In terms of value, the most valuable of these tools currently are the Record 02 planes and probably the Record Calvert Stevens plane (CS88). If you have an orginal boxed version of one of the planes on the rare list which is in mint condition then you should expect the item to reach a good price.

Why Is The Record 040 Plough Plane Not On The Rare List?

Although the Record 040 plough plane had quite a short production run back in the 1930's - 1940's it was obviously a popular plane as there are quite a few of these on the market today.

Are There Any Recent Record Planes Which Might Be On The Rare List In The Future?

The fairly recent Record 045C plough plane appears to be quite a hard plane to locate in comparison to the 044C and 050C of its time so maybe one to watch out for but not for a long while.

Very Rare Record Tools

There are a number of other extremely rare Record planes and tools which do not appear on the above 'Record plane rare list', these tools include the prototype planes Record made when readying their final designs.

For an extensive list of the extremely rare tools and what to look for to identify these tools, see the Record Hand Planes website. tool reviews

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