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Record Plane Reviews

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Welcome to the 'Record Plane Reviews' website, we hope you like the website.

The website contains a wealth of information about the Record planes made from 1931 - 2004. Each model of Record plane made in the 20th century is reviewed with each review containing photographs, manufacture dates, and lots of information about the plane and where you can buy a secondhand Record plane. In effect the website is an encylopedia of Record planes made in the 20th century.

The Plane Reviews

Each Record plane model has its own dedicated page with a multitude of information describing the plane construction, what the plane is used for, the manufacture date, ways in which to identify the date of a plane, alternative names under which a tool may be known and much more.

The reviews are enhanced with the use of professional photographs of genuine Record planes. A number of the planes photographed are in stunning condition and are a real glimpse into the past. Any plane which is not in stunning condition, we are constantly looking to improve upon. All of the Record planes photographed are tools which are owned or have been owned by members of our family.

For readers wishing to find additional information, each review contains a list of relevant Record catalogues and Record Planecraft books. Note: for those wishing to buy one of these books, it is important to note that some of these listed books may only contain a snippet of information about a respective plane model.

Each plane review offers the reader a real chance to interact with fellow Record plane collectors and users with the use of the comments system and the five star rater. Readers wishing to make a comment about a particular tool, whether wishing to add their opinion or ask a question can do so by entering a message in the respective planes comment box. The five star rater is great way of quickly offering your opinion about a particular plane by simply clicking the amount of stars you feel the plane deserves (one star = rubbish, five stars = great).

Your Input And Feedback

We hope you like the website and that it will be a useful resource for you. We welcome all feedback whether it is constructive criticism, a thumbs up or a thumbs down. We invite you to add your opinions whether through the comments system or using the five star rater.

Our aim is to keep the heritage of these Great British planes alive and well for many future generations to enjoy.

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